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Vintage Classicos

We take great pride in restoring Mercedes-Benz classics. Each model presents a unique set of challenges in order to bring back to its original factory beauty to life.  It requires a combination of skills – Technical, Craftsmanship and Artistic; all mixed with an element of Perfectionism. Only then, does one have the possibility to reach the milestone. We achieve this goal by leveraging a Team of Professionals committed to utilizing the best techniques and products; and by demanding excellence out of every task. A Team that subscribes to the vision of ‘The best or Nothing’.

Pagoda Heaven

230SL, 250SL & 280SL

Vintage Classicos

The MB W113 is a true piece of art.  Its design lines and perfectly engineered details inspires our team to bring back its original beauty to factory new. To take ownership of the masterpiece that is the Pagoda.

As a restoration group we have enormous affinity and love for the Pagoda.  At one point, we had 16 Pagodas in our plant, and 8 active projects simultaneously. This is when we discovered, we were indeed, an SL Factory!



Vintage Classicos

The 190SL is another MB signature masterpiece of the era.  Every detail of the car must be perfectly aligned and fitted to showcase the lovely finishes of the emblematic classic. When you witness the admiration of a 10 year old, or someone in their eighties while watching this Benz classic, you recognize the timeless design and stunning look of the 190SL.


300 Adenauer

Vintage Classicos

Few Mercedes classics present the restoration challenge of the w186 & w189 Adenauer. But likewise few, if any, provide the fulfillment of witnessing its glamour once the job is completed.  We have had the privilege of fully restoring four (4) of these Cabriolets over the last 6 years — indeed quite  a privilege given the rarity and exclusivity of these engineering masterpieces from Mercedes’ golden era of the 50s and early 60s.


W111 / W109

Vintage Classicos

The W109 & W111 are the most enjoyable MB classics to drive. Whether  it is a 300SEL 3.5 or a 280SE 3.5, the combination of luxury, comfort and handling are unmatched in the old-timer group.  Few cars within any class or make can provide the fulfillment of cruising in a 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet.  We are fortunate with the trust which clients have deposited on our team to restore their W111s. We are currently working on three (3) W111 — a 71 Coupe 3.5, a 70 Cabriolet 3.5 and a 280SE Cab.


r107 / W123 & AMG

Vintage Classicos

The r107 is a young classic with fabulous MB styling and awesome performance. It is extremely rare when one can justify the full restoration of these beautiful vehicles – For most restorers, the cost is prohibitive for the model. Our team has been able to restore a number of r107s to new, or close to new condition. Likewise, we have carried out a number of extensive restorations on w123s, extending their enjoyment for years to come.

Whether it is a W113 or a r107, our team approaches the task with the same level of commitment to quality and integrity.