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We restore Mercedes-Benz classics offering the highest quality, originality and integrity in the end product. We achieve this goal by leveraging a Team of Professionals committed to utilizing the best techniques and products; and by demanding excellence out of every task. We control every aspect of the restoration process, as it is all under our roof and oversight.

The Interior says it All


Our in-house upholstery team has over 30 of years in the manufacturing of automobile interiors. We import the best leather material for each job, whether directly from Germany or the United States — We prefer the old-timer German veg-dye leather that was originally used on these cars. We make patterns for each model, and we make the seat covers in-house. The bottom line is that a finely made car interior provides the ultimate symbol of luxury and quality. As with all other aspects of the restoration process, originality and quality control is a continuous endeavor – it happens daily as the seats or carpets are being made; or while they are installed in the car.

The Beauty of Wood

Wood Restoration

As is the case with chrome plating, wood restoration is critical to producing a high quality restoration. We perform all wood restorations in-house. We utilize the best veneers, vacuum press and products to produce a factory-like finish. It is a process that requires patience and attention to details, in order to bring back wood that had been damaged by moisture and the effects of 50+ years to bring a new condition.


Chrome Plating

We feel that the electro-plating process is critical to a world-class restoration. As such, we invested in our own internal chroming plating facility. We utilize the best available products that yield the best results, while also protecting the environment. Triple chrome plating is the industry gold standard of excellence. We actually perform quadruple plating – Our process entails two levels of copper plating (cyanide and acid copper), nickel and decorative chrome plating.

If the part is not on par with the rest of the job, it gets done again. Instead of returning it to a 3rd party vendor; it goes to our chrome shop next door! — It is a tedious process that at times can be quite frustrating, but done correctly yields the ultimate finish on a MB Classics.

Painting is an Art

Paint Service

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality factory-like paint job on every project. We start with our state-of-the-art Nova Verta paint booth, and Glassurit solvent based products on every job. But the secret to the sauce lies squarely on our Paint Team.  They are experienced, but more than anything perfectionists — That is the secret! — Our paint prep and spraying expertise produces a factory professional finish. Every job is finally manually wet sanded to yield a beautiful lasting shine sure to catch the attention of the most demanding client.

Rotisserie Level

Frame-Off or Rotisserie Restoration

85% of our projects are frame-off or rotisserie level restorations. This process ensures the highest level of quality and integrity of a restoration yielding concurs level results. Every bolt, every screw, every part is restored to factory level functional and finish specification. Exposure to every corner of the car and the sheet-metal provides the ultimate opportunity for all critical corrections and protecting the customer’s investment. All aspects of the restoration process are managed internally to ensure the highest level of quality, integrity, time and cost efficiency.

Please review the Process to get more details on our approach and what may be best for you.

Partial Restorations as New

Partial restoration

We understand that not all projects warrant a rotisserie frame-off restoration. We work closely with our clients to ensure we satisfy their needs and maximize the investment in their cars. Whether it is a down to the metal paint job, with a cosmetic engine restore or engine rebuild – or perhaps the interior of the car; we are willing to customize our work to meet the client’s priorities.

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We restore Mercedes-Benz classics offering the highest
quality, originality and integrity in the end product.
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